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Plenty of Fish does not properly link individuals up to their interests, education, occupation or anything else. Plenty of Fish just links people to one or two words.

No real connections. Some time ago I was foolishly linked up to jrg11, he had another profile name at the time I met him. A painter from New Lenox, IL who claims he's looking for seriously love. He's really a strange, lost in the moment from 25 - 30 years ago person looking for a wanna be groupie to be with him.

He claims he's a well-known musician. He's no catch. His profile consists of poorly structured sentences that say nothing about him. What he does is send out comments to women who are way out of his league.

If someone responds, he alters his profile to make himself look like he has similar interests and education. It's when you meet the man in person that you realize he is a total dud.

He speaks like a teenager. He references his musical talent All. The.

Time. When he claims a particular interest in his profile all you have to do is ask a detailed question and his answer is: "I don't know." It's clear he doesn't read, doesn't care, and is vicarious. His carelessness is a sign that he might be living with a family member who cares for his every needs. If he has problems that haven't been addressed, he should be removed from the site.

The fear I have is, he might be a threat to women and not know it himself.

Who knows how many women have actually dated him for stretches of time only to find out that he is a dud looking for someone to care for him. I believe he doesn't fully understand the goal of dating sites. He changes his photos so then he'll be at the top of Prospects so women will see his profile first. I get the feeling that he changes his profile name when complaints are made about him.

Something most dating sites frown upon are people with dishonest profiles.

Well, jrg11's profile is downright wrong. He should be removed from dating sites all-together.

Product or Service Mentioned: Plentyoffish Moderator.

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