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He tells no truths! Supposedly owns several companies, has to travel for work as an umpire?

Lies about car accidents, facial surgery, and involves family! Lives in Az and Colorado!

Will even meet your children to put you at ease! Total ***

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As of 8/16/18, he is still denying and lying about everything! Says he has not dated anyone in last 2 yrs, but then says comments are from women that he dumped. Possibly he stopped taking his medication?


How about text messages. Including one from the other night that came out of nowhere.

That's the only reason I actually checked back on here again. I was curious if he tried to reach back out to you again. I cut off the date but you can still see that it was Aug 3rd I believe. Like I said you can take it or leave it.

In my recent convo with him I made mention of "Susie".

I'm not even sure if that's your real name. Needless to say, denied.

to Azhighmate #1535026

You cut date off of what? And yes, I have spoken to him...also denied dating anyone for last 2 years.

to Susie #1535172

Not to sound rude, but that's your mess now. You can have it!

Ask yourself this... Why would I lie? Especially if I want nothing more to do with him. What purpose does it serve to for me to tell you all this other than I happen to finally search his name under - "Eric 40, POF" He was on POF at the time we met and I had caught him on Tinder last summer.

So I figured I'd see what came up, and this is what I found. I could give not 1 *** about this guy anymore.

With that being said I won't be responding or wasting anymore energy on him. Take care and best of luck.


I thought I was dating him from Feb up until this past weekend when I blocked him. Caught him in so many lies but gave him the benefit if doubt. What a piece of ***


Would love to get in touch! I had dated him for over 2 yrs up until 2 months ago.

I knew something was off about him but I chose to be trusting. God what an idiot I was.

I'm curious how much you know about him and when you dated or whatever it was. Please reach out back here.

to Azhighmate #1524391

Wow! I too thought I was dating him from approx.

Feb till this past weekend when I blocked him...caught him in so many lies but gave him the benefit of the doubt. What a piece of ***

to Susie #1525736

Obviously we were both wrong. I'm curious if you've been to his house?

I'm really wondering if you were Mon, Wed, Friday? I'm j/k about the days but seriously where and when? I had finally just had enough with the way our relationship was going. Not even "Love you" was doing it for me.

I knew he was a liar the minute he came in the bathroom looking only for his phone. Anyway...

I'm done for good. 2 years + of his stupid "Hi babe", "Hi sexy" one line texts and hardly never phone conversations, is long enough.

to AzHigmatetnce #1525768

I'm sorry that you wasted 2 years on him! I too got the one word texts...hi sexy, the babe...he told me he owns a house on Jomax supposedly that he rents out, also said he has 3 horses, home in Colorado.

I did go to his house, once there he said it's a friend's house (female) and he house sits rent free because she's rarely in town.

It's pitiful that someone would do this to anyone, knowing hurt people without a second thought! He's a pathological liar period.

to Susie #1525849

One more thing I thought you should know... He said he doesn't want kids!

You mentioned him meeting your kids to make it look good. I'm not sure how old you are, but you'd think someone at his age would be on solid ground.

Lets just say I know more aboit him. Part of the reason I cut ties.

to Azhighmate #1525943

Oh I'm not doubting you one bit! I was being sincere when I said I was sorry about your loss of over 2 yrs.

And I wouldn't necessarily call it a relationship btwn he and I, it was difficult because I caught him in lies which he numerous times tried to turn things around and say I was at fault. As for the original message about kids...thats not from me, that's a 3rd woman.

And never saw any jeweled have absolutely no desire to have anything to do with him! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me, I do appreciate it.

to Azhighmate #1526606

Looks like someone flagged the last 2 comments-

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