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I am a nice woman. And the only thing I can this happens is some dirt bag, Middle Aged man- got offended that I didn't text him back!!

As he complained on my account when I opened it that I'm a scam or, a cat fish!

I'm a busy, single mom & RN w. Long shifts even chatted that I have a mold issue in my home and super busy! But Zmost old guys get "butt hurt" and the spiteful *** reports I'm not real yet POF made ZERO effiort to contact me!

Idk what to do cuz there were other nice men on there!? I'm do upset

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Judging by her pics on POF, the poor thing views herself as some hot youngster. Lol tragic.

Naperville, Illinois, United States #1206215

Well your grammar is kind of off so I don't believe you are real. You sound like you are Russian. Or you could be one of those 419 scammers.

Abu Dhabi, Abu Zaby, United Arab Emirates #1205528

We are looking to help people have damaging posts taken down which are put up by these companies. Join our campaign to get sites to remove such content that's fake and malicious http://stop-onlinebullying.com/

Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #1193971

Is that Diamond Head in Hono behind you?

Naperville, Illinois, United States #1052174

Just a thought? You are obviously a "love-sick" scammer looking to prey on lonely men.

Your complaint is written in classic mangled Russian flavored English, and you claim to be a single mother, yet show an unverified photo of a woman who has had a horrible *** job, but never a child. Get back to the internet cafe and try again.


We live in a very cynical world... people are desperate to make sense out of this world we live in.

There really is no sense at all. We don't live in a righteous world.. We live in a satanic world, ruled over by the devil.

Think about it. If you could be young forever, and never grow old and die, wouldn't a lot of these senseless petty problems be corrected?

Mankind was not created to grow old, get ugly, and then die.

We were created to be young forever and NEVER GROW OLD AND DIE.

Please think about what I'm saying to you!!?

And SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. When you find it, it will set you free...

to Anonymous #1047196

Please put down the bong/crack pipe.


My friend has the same issues with clingy guys that expect an instant reply. She is a single mother running 2 businesses.

She does not have as much spare time as they do. Perhaps they are unemployed and living with their parents?? I will not go on POF because of her bad experiences.

I don't think POF is a website where you find quality men. Perhaps view this experience as a blessing in disguise and register elsewhere.

to Anonymous #1301410

Yes, register elsewhere on another dating site where the same low quality males meet the same low quality females. Fantastic suggestion.

South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #994389

You are middle aged yourself. You are what some people call a cougar.Good luck with that.....maybe if you got some 20 year old drunk maybe but when those beer goggles come off he will be running for the hills.Accept the fact you are not 20 anymore and date guys your own age.


You're clearly in your 50's, you might be considered old as well for some of us guys in their late 40's. Stop complaining and reopen another account from the local library where they can't block your IP.

to Bill Newark, New Jersey, United States #1137688

If you're in your late 40's, than you're very close to being in your 50's genius. What's my point? My point is that you're old just like the lady who you are replying to.


Your no spring chicken yourself Sugar!Maybe have some humility and not call people dirt bags and "Old"

to Justa Dude Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #957107

Lol I live this site! You guys are the greatest.

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