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I messaged a women and was called a vile pig for no reason .after afew words i blocked her . She had such a hatred for men she must be disturbed.

Then i log in this morning and find ive been kicked off . All pof have to do is read her comment's and see shes the one who needs to be taken off.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This dude is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. Anyone with half a brain already knows that these sites are desperately short of females, so any creature that identifies as female-ish instantly outranks any obese dyslexic guy. Or three of them.

Paris, Ile-De-France, France #1128311

If a woman blocks or blocks/reports a man the man's account is instantly deleted. Or if a man blocks/reports a woman the MAN is instantly deleted.

There are coven on POF who go around reporting/blocking guys accounts with the express purpose of having them deleted. DO NOT pay for an 'upgrade' since this will make you a target for deletion not only by the other 'members' but by the site itself.

You will also be unable to access your account to cancel your recurring subscription. REPEAT: DO NOT PAY FOR AN 'UPGRADE'!

Owensboro, Kentucky, United States #923825

i never wroght this some one hacked in my account i dont know whats going on with this site i have been off this site for some time some one else wrought this is there any way i can fix this problem and how can i prove i didnt wright what was said about me this is wrong just anyone can post what they want and your blocked from this site

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