So I've had a pof account for less than a month. It seemed to be working well for meeting new people and I had hope for finding a woman to settle down with.

I was never rude, never uploaded or sent any nude pictures. Whoever runs this site is like a dictator in their little computer chair, just deleting accounts at random for no reason. Someone else said something about how if one of the lady's finds a man and settles down then they won't pay for their upgraded accounts because they won't need it anymore. They "found their fish", no longer need pof.

Its starting to make sense now when i see that the only people I've ever heard about who's accounts have been deleted are guys. I was meeting new people and getting to know a girl that I would have been great with. I go to login today and see what she wrote back only to find out my account has been deleted. Now I'll never know.

Thanks pof for wasting my time and deleting my account.

If anyone ever asks me about pof, my advice would be don't waste your time only to be let down and deleted. The people running the site are stepping way over the line with trying to control everyone on there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Plentyoffish Account.

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ok i found out the reasons why accounts are getting deleted, heres why... Spammers setup afew accounts and then pick a target, they view your profile over and over till you view your spam, some will message you but most wont..

this is because they are from a different country and if your mail settings are set for your country then they cant message you, however... they will keep viewing your profile and add you to fav's untill you view their Spam.. however if you report them, or dont view thier Spam then just report you.. this is important as the pof automated system just deletes your profile when you get enough reports, regardless if you done anything wrong..

this is the new attack the spammers are going for and soon the POF website will be over run by mostly spammers. it took me a few months and 11 accounts later to figure it out.


Mine was just deleted recently too and I'm a female. Did none of the things they claim would cause me to be deleted either


its hard to upgrade because you'd likely have this problem and never get your moneys worth. This could be a good think..

dating cleanse. shame to say a website is doing this.


So true. not sure the issue. but it diminishes its credibility.


Mine was also deleted the 2rd of January 2019 for no reason at all I send rude pics or I am not nasty to other users I have tried to contact POF about this with no joy from them I have tried to open a new account and can not get passed the continue button this is so frustrating


How can you tell if it's been deleted or just hacked? I tried logging in today and it wont accept my password.

I requested a link to reset my password but I've never received it.

Just curious if you get some sort of notice or you simply just cant log in. Thanks!

to TCB1007 #1625136

on January 3rd this happened to me also. tried to re-register then I never was able to log back in. lots of time wasted.

to TCB1007 #1625180

I actually spoke with a guy in my conversations. He said I was completely removed with no trace of me confirming I had been deleted


This has happen to me 3 times since mid December.. I had my first profile for 10 plus years off and on.

I'm not sure what's up. But no longer giving them a good review


POF is a JOKE!!! I have over 10 different accounts.

I keep getting deleted for no reason @ all. I am so sick of it, I have used other peoples phone for this not to happen and it keeps happening either way. I have not been rude to anyone or post nudes.

I have fallowed all the rules and this site has nothing but shaddy to me. What a waste of time.


My profile keeps getting deleted, the first time I thought it was a rejected suitor but now I don’t kow whats going on, I block men often because it’s easier than the follow up emails of why I didn’t respond to them but there’s no reason I should be deleted over and over this is crazy!


I cannot log in to pof account.. after having what i believe might have been a false accusation from a man that was bothering me. What can i do


I'm pritty certain the site is a racist site as mad as it sounds after a bit of research mostly or all are white guys who are deleted

to Michael #1572887

No you are wrong. Nothing to do with race, gender, sexual orientation, and etc.

It's about them making money. Every time someone opens the app on their phone or loads the web page what happens? Oh that's right an Advertisement gets loaded that POF gets paid for. I read someplace that Markus the original owner of POF sold out to IAC group and that Markus gets paid for every registration.

HMM, sounds like a good reason to delete people so they re register. IAC group would rather have you on their pay dating sites like match.com, Tinder, our-time, and etc.

POF is even deleting people that upgraded to a paid subscription. The other possibility here is that a hacker or group of hackers keeps getting into the server and reaping havoc.

to Guest #1573815

Yep , they even have a number to call now and they request an $100 google card to clear your email account associated blah blah . Whole site is effed now .


POF is pushing the free members off the site to make room for the paying (stupid gold start on their picture desperate ones) members. Plenty of Fools.

to Geewiz #1572976

NO, even people that paid for the gold start are having problems getting deleted. I bet they are having issues getting their money back too, POF is a scam.


My account was deleted twice - no reason


I think my account got deleted due to false accusations from this one guy who was nuts!!


I've been deleted after 2 days didn't ask for sex no nude pics nothing I wouldn't be suprised if it's a racist site obviously needs looking into

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