So I've had a pof account for less than a month. It seemed to be working well for meeting new people and I had hope for finding a woman to settle down with.

I was never rude, never uploaded or sent any nude pictures. Whoever runs this site is like a dictator in their little computer chair, just deleting accounts at random for no reason. Someone else said something about how if one of the lady's finds a man and settles down then they won't pay for their upgraded accounts because they won't need it anymore. They "found their fish", no longer need pof.

Its starting to make sense now when i see that the only people I've ever heard about who's accounts have been deleted are guys. I was meeting new people and getting to know a girl that I would have been great with. I go to login today and see what she wrote back only to find out my account has been deleted. Now I'll never know.

Thanks pof for wasting my time and deleting my account.

If anyone ever asks me about pof, my advice would be don't waste your time only to be let down and deleted. The people running the site are stepping way over the line with trying to control everyone on there.

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I am a female and I have had my accounted 5 times...yes I have created an account 6 times. My account did not contain any sexual content or nudity...nothing.

The duration between each accpunt getting deleted is wide from hours after creating the account to weeks.

Tonight I created it twice alone. I like the site when I have access to it, but I'm frustrated setting it up so many times.


I set up a profile and 2 days later deleted...set up another and same thing. Just like the rest of you here with the same problem, I was very kind, and did nothing wrong.

I'm a female sincerely looking. I have emailed POF demanding an explanation and will also hire a lawyer to investigate if need be as they have my personal information and deleted an account without warrant.

If the catfish/fake profilers or men that I do not respond too, decide to block me...and I get deleted, how is this fair....do they not investigate, read messages to ensure the block was justified before making a decision like that...there might be someone that randomly just blocks you to get your goat..I'm also worried about hacking and my personal info. I actually was going to upgrade after checking out the site for a few days and did connect with someone..and now have lost that connection I was hoping to pursue...


I was on Pof and went on to see if I had a message back from someone and it had signed me out and I couldn’t log back in


Men's accounts aren't the only ones being deleted. My account was deleted yesterday for absolutely no reason.

I hadn't been using POF much and had just started checking it out again and then poof... I get deleted.


i too was deleted and as it turns out if you are blocked more than once they will close your account. The sad thing is some people deal badly with rejection and POF is mainly about rejection.

A few happy stories and a few lovely chats but mainly its about saying " you are not my type". Some will take this really bad and block. POF is not in the same league as Match.com as pof dont even have a telephone line.

No customer service. So the answer is pay the subscription on match and invest in your love.

to geoff davies #1540287

NO NO NO, "No customer service. So the answer is pay the subscription on match and invest in your love" This is exactly what they want you to do, there is also a lot of BS going on with match.com as well.

For example they are sneaky with their auto renewal policy and have the setting buried deep in your account. If you cancel without disabling the auto renewal, then they proceed to charge you. IAC group owns Plenty of Fish and Match.com, It's the same company and the same basic software, fake accounts, BOTS, scammers, and garbage customer service.

Avoid these companies and websites, save yourself the time, aggravation, money, and stress. These people are ***


The same thing happened to me! I spent all that time and effort on creating a profile and it was wiped out without warning!

I absolutely did nothing inappropriate. What the ***

to David #1538906

Mine too! I created another one and it just got deleted today!

No explanation.

No email. Nothing!


Mine too. I had it for one day.

I was able to create a new account immediately. I had done nothing. No nudes, I was nice and even responded to everyone to be nice. And give them a chance.

I go to log in, and it was gone. Very aggravating.


Look People, Before you comment read the other comments below. The majority of people signing up for Plenty Of Fish are being deleted.

IAC group the owners of POF and Match.com want you to give up and sign up for Matc.com where they will get your money. Wake Up! and stop trying to sign up for Plenty Of Fish over and over again, you are enabling them to make money off of you and wasting your time. It's not about some person reporting you, you braking the rules or not, your preferences, or any such thing.

These deletions are about money. Again stop trying to sign up for Plenty Of Fish over and over again, you are enabling them to make money off of you and wasting your time.

to Please_Read #1537859

That is exactly what I've been saying. Because last year mine kept getting deleted for no reason.

So I wrote about it on some site, and someone from match.com ask if I ever thought of trying them. Uumm....yes I have, same ppl and scammers, plus match.com scams money out of you.

to Please_Read #1541691

Yeah makes a bit more sense


POF is now a scamm where you upgrade and your account get deleted. So you can keep singing up and upgrading. Don't be a victim any more go to other dating site


My account was just deleted all because i told this woman i was turned off by her rude approach.. next thing you know i'm logged out and can't log back in.. POF is full of bitter ppl who never got over their EX


So if I tell a guy I’m not into him he can get my account deleted. Not only that he doesn’t have a picture of him up but that’s ok but I just can’t tell him no I don’t want to hook up with him.

to pod is bs #1536024

I just had my account deleted (and yes, I read all the rules, and no, none apply). The only thing I did was delete emails without a reply to men I'm not interested in.

Evidently one didn't like that and had my account deleted.

This is the 2nd time it's happened. How can pof allow that?

to Mags #1536203

Right I'm sick of it


POF keeps doing the same thing to me, I paid for 2 months membership then they deleted my account and kept the money then I put it back into my car they also told me to open up a new account which I did and they were supposed to put my membership on that they never did that neither they just deleted my new account and I just don't understand why I'm not disrespectful I'm just trying to fix my questionnaire


Mine is gone to guys


Same. Not just deleted, I was banned, right after turning down a guy’s offer of $10,000 to watch me eat out a woman. And explaining to another guy how it was inappropriate to start a conversation with “I’m know you give great head.”

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