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Hello, I am trying to change my Password. When I request a confirmation email I never receive the email.

Its as though there is a disconnect with my email address and POF.

I have no idea if there is another way to fix the Password issue. Thank you, Mohebat


Why do I keep getting knocked off 785 times

My question is why am I getting knocked off every 5 minutes my email is right my password is Art why do I keep getting knocked off every 5 minutes why do I keep getting knocked off every 5 minutes they claim my password and email. Right yes it is right my email and password is right why do I keep getting knocked off every 5 minutes I haven't heard anything I've been trying to login since July of 2017 I spent $25,000 on you *** *** in you keep logging me off you keep logging me off why do you guys keep logging me off why you guys keep logging me off I spent $25,000 you guys keep logging me off my email type my password is right why do guys keep logging me off

The Plentyoffish Help Center page provides sufficient details on how to retrieve login information. If you are having issues logging into your account, you should verify the spelling of your username and password.

If you forgot your username, try logging in with the email address you used to sign up to POF instead of your username, and your usual password. Then, you can verify your username by clicking “My Profile”.
If you forgot your password, you can restore it here If you do not receive the POF password recovery email:
  • Your profile may no longer be active on POF.
  • You used an email that is not associated with your POF profile.
  • Your email provider blocked the email from POF before it reached the inbox.

    You should check your Spam folder.
If you no longer have access to the email address you used to sign up to POF, you should contact the company to sign up again. Please check out Plentyoffish contact information here.

I signed up 3 or 4 days ago, and want to upgrade so I can receive messages from women who have viewed my profile. Using my Discover card, it was not approved by Discover until they could verify that it was me that was making the purchase.

This verification has been completed today, and I still get message that transaction cannot be completed.

Discover suggested that it is at your end that upgrade cannot be made for whatever reason ? My user name is - PeterPeter54, and password is - PumpkinEater Please help me solve this problem !


My a/cmy email

There is nothing wrong with my email address or my phone or my computer ,do why ,even after I told you this you kept trying to connect me to sn ,,email""expert ,ata cost of $63..00 you little crook I have a mind to contact consumer affairs ,&Facebook to expose your fraudulent tactics,WFF


My a/c

You sent a message asking me to contact you regarding issues with my account,??


I can't believe your dishonesty I will be letting many people know of your dishonesty if you attempt to steal money fraudulently from my account, you have really pissed me off


Who the f...k do you think you sre conning there is nothing wrong with my email so don't even attempt to debit mY card I never made s complaint ,you are trying to con ,$63dollars out of me ,I will report you to consumer affairs


You can doublecheck this information with PlentyOfFish customer support team and contact them at


Won't let me log into my account

It won't let me log into my account


I was hacked

The customer service email is not valid. How can I resolve this?


According to PlentyOfFish, in case you want to receive a refund you can contact customer support by the following email


My account was deleted m! I’ve been with you for ten years and my e longest relationship, and ex who passed away a few years back, met with that profile!

I just recently got back on to find hundreds of bot profiles sending me sex site links or trying to con me out of money! I felt insulted and was even angry they were ruining our site! So as I understood they were just bots I would out of frustration and sorrow. Cuss them out and troll them!

I would never talk to a real woman like that! The bots were obvious! It synthetic just my exe that affected me but my cousin, who I grew up with like a brother, committed suicide! So I kind of had a break down snd just wanted to lash out, even if they were just bots trying to scam us!

Please I’m begging you to pass these circumstances on and review to see I’m telling the truth! I finally ended my mourning and came back to POF to bring me that one thing I needed now more than ever! What it originally gave me with her! Hope!

I’m begging you to help anyway you can either to retrieve that profile or at least lift the ban.

Does POF ever take into account mitigating circumstances? It was under jamesparker197503@yahoo


Under Profile section of the FAQs, to delete your account (whether upgraded or not), you only need to go to “Delete Account” tab, scroll down, and choose the last option. Once clicked, the link will take you to a screen that will ask you to type in your username, password, and reason for wanting to opt out. In case you have any difficulties with deleting the PlentyOfFIsh account, you can email company customer support at



Iv met someone we've been talking on line but for some reason he's messaging me but I don't think he is getting mine


Can’t log in

My old account was ohiogurl76 and it wouldn’t let me log in and wouldn’t give me help by sending email to change my password so I created a new one which is ohiogurl99 and now I’m having the same issue with it? Why am I having so much trouble? My email is


URL Rejected

i tried to login to my account and its giving me this error about URL rejected? Why is this? I just want to delete my account


Full member but no access to site.

I have already emailed your PR people and received no answer-swell. I am a full member but I cannot access my messages or Meet Me as it keeps saying that my request has been rejected.URL?

This is a complete waste of my hard earned cash. Either sort this or give me my money back as you are seriously short changing me..


i am having the same thing happen to me. it tells me my request hsas been rejected. URL?



I have no internet connection with my pof account


Hacked my account

Someone hacked my account and made me out to be a *** I haven't been on for at least 5 months. But decided to go on yesterday 9/18/18 just to see if anyone answered.

And that's when I realized someone typed in the section about things I like to do, made me out to be a *** Can you please delete my account forever.

I won't be using POF anymore. And can you please find out who did it.

In case you want to delete your account, you may find useful the following information taken from PlentyOfFish website: Top 7 Consumers' Questions to PlentyOfFish

Pod dating site

Hate your dating site after 2 days. Want my money refunded now.


I hate your dating site. Want my money refunded.

I am a Christian, and your site is full of homosexuals. Joy Renee long


Do I have to upgrade , to be able to receive correspond?

I send out message, but i don't seem to receive a personal response. Not even a response, saying I'm not interested.

I am writing appropriate message, nothing of vulgar nature! Mybe i have to give more time!


login doesn't work

why does it keep saying username or password is incorrect. says it sent an email to reset but i never get an email

Find out why you can’t find an email to reset the password according to the POF Help Center here:Top 7 Consumers' Questions to PlentyOfFish

Deleted account

I have deleted my account after two days and paid for a 8 month subscription. I would like too see about getting reimburst.

Based on the information found in the PlentyOfFish Terms: “Generally, all charges for purchases are nonrefundable, and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods unless the laws applicable to your jurisdiction mandatorily provide for refunds.”

However, there are certain exceptions when the money can be returned by POF website. Check out if you can be eligible for the refund here:Top 7 Consumers' Questions to PlentyOfFish

Made mistake on upgrade

I hit the wrong amount for my upgrade i meant to order just one month for 19 dollars instead hit order for entire yr at 83 dollars can you make it for one month and refund rest into my bank account please this was a honest mistake or just refund entire amont back to me so one month or just refund all back to me just a mistake on my part i am on very fixed income can't afford entire yr at this time hope to hear back soon thank you

Your issue seems to be quite frequent with PlentyOfFish customers. Read what may be done in such a situation here: PlentyOfFish question #11844

, I don't want no more money taken out of my bank I'm over with and August

Trying to find the number 217-497-7551 that's my phone number I don't want no more service of Plenty of Fish on November 1st cancel it August 31st

This question is really popular with the POF users. Find out what PlentyOfFish FAQs state about this matter: Top 7 Consumers' Questions to PlentyOfFish


Will not let me access video chat


login in issues

i registered today and tried to login in this morning with no joy i know I am using Tbe correct user and password as I noted it down can you please look into this please my user is 115london passwoird is lauren20 e mail address is I await your feedback


According to the POF Help Center, in case you can’t access your account because you have forgotten your username or password, you may try to log in with your email address or follow the process to reset your password (if you cannot remember your password).

There is also a possibility that the password you have used does not follow the standard password regulations. Try creating a password that is long enough (at least 8 characters) and includes one capital letter and one number in it.

Also, double check that you have entered the right email address – the one you used to sign up with POF.

“To ensure you receive POF’s emails:

• Add to your Address Book.

• Never click on Report Spam on any POF emails.”


Help , retrieve password My email. My username, Eagleclaw777


i have been trying to log into the following since setting up the profile e mail is username is 115london


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