I met this guy on POF we started talking over the internet for a month or so and then we felt it was time to met face to face. we went on a date that didn't end until 12am, when we both had to work the next day.

We just hit it off. That summer we never spent a day apart we had so much fun together, we were lost in love so we started dating and desided we would start our life togethre. we been together now for 3 yaers.

we have a Beautiful 20 month old daughter and we are getting married this May, 2013. I just want to say thank you POF for helping my find my Fich :)

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So basically you got pregnant 7 months into dating and this guy by May 2013 took 32 months to figure out he needed to do the right thing? Good Luck with that. See you on POF as a single mom in the near future.

to Batman Eastlake, Ohio, United States #623792

Lol...Good point!!!

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